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Hi Sidney! First time here.

I've read a recent research (too bad I can't provide a link) that explains more or less why girls have a slight advantage in school. The study was in the US but I think it can also apply here. It concludes that the usual teaching style is more attuned for girls and alienates the boys. One example would be in reading comprehension. Putting emphasis on the characters would be advantageous to girls due to their higher EQ or social role. And perhaps the fact that women teachers most likely outnumber men in a given school would be a factor too.

And oh yeah, the students pictured here are smiling and giggling because someone's taking a picture of them.


Hi Sidney, this is another great series. Reminds me of my school days.

I hope the eduacation system in the Philippines gets better and more attention from the govt.


Simply stunning, as usual. The fifth photograph, of the giggling girls is a standout - I really like how you nailed the moment.

P.S. email me - I'd like to email you, but I can't find any contact info.


A few eloquent images. I like the treatment in B&W. It gives him an air of recent exage. To my me remembers the photos that I see of the schools of Spain in the fifties.^.


when i retire i would probably want to go back to school to teach either in elementary or high school :) i love the pictures. the students looks they are behaving well.

Ashish Sidapara

The responsibiliy also lies with the family in ensuring that the boys to to school and the other part with the government to make sure the education facilities are decent. Nice one Sidney!


These statistics really are quite alarming. What an interesting series, and wonderful photos as usual!


school... arrrrgggh :-) great great pics.


well, i don't know what else to say... when come to photo-journalism style, your blog is by far the best of the photoblogging community....


Wow, great black and whites, reminds me of the time before my own school days.
About your question on today's photo on my blob: no, the fallen sportswoman did not pose for me. She just simply fell that way, and I made the visual link to the photo of the work of art. One thing about photography: it sharpens your photographic memory :-)


fascinating, though in many ways understnadable in a developing country where boys are still needed for the more manual skills their families need; perhaps things will change as the country has less reliance on manual skills. great series as ever.


Les hommes ont depuis longtemps géré le monde. Nous entons maintenant dans l'ére des femmes que l'on trove de plus en plus à la tête de grandes entreprises, sans parler des gouvernements. Nous en aurons peut-êter une comme Présidente de la République en France, l'année prochaine. je ne suis pas contre.
Je trouve que votre propos est trés bien illustré par vos photos toujours d'un grand intérêt. merci Sydney.


i didn't know that. but i believe that

Wim van der Meij

A sad story, Sid. What are the underlying reason for this deterioration of education, I wonder. Here in Holland girls are often doing much better at school and university than boys. But it seems that boys catch up with them later.


does this mean that girls are more responsible and more focused than men?

i studied in this kind of environment and it's never a rare case to see girls excel in their academics than boys. in addition, boys are always outnumbered in terms of attendance. most outstanding students in my class are girls, most delinhquents are boys. ;-)

just thinking of SCHOOL LIFE as a topic for your series is a feat in itself Sidney. and i wonder how were you able to get the permission of a school principal to be their photographer. did you tell them they'll be seen on tv or published in the newspapers? hehe.

Mike Dougan

And while the med grow up with nothing to do they tend to drift into crime, I just drove through San Ildefonso and there was a bunch of men (40's and 50's) standing at the side of the road armed to the teeth. Looked like they were going to ensure a debt was repaid!

The men hang out with nothing to do, just watching the world go by and thinking jealous thought's of those that pass by that have money, job or nice houses. It's no wonder that this country is going backwards and becoming more lawless.


sidney, i can't tell you how much i will learn from your blog. i am very appreciative.



Great pictures. And very informative too.


Filipinos have a deep regard for education, which they view as a primary path for upward social and economic mobility. Middle-class parents make great sacrifices in order to provide secondary and higher education for their children.

One of the serious problems in the Philippines concerns the large number of students who complete college but who can not find a job appropriate with their educational skills. If properly utilized, these trained workers could facilitate economic development, but when left idle or forced to take jobs beneath their qualifications they loose hope in the system. Or like Ces pointed out, many of them decide to work abroad.

There are also the huge discrepancies between private and public schools and between Manila and the province.



The Filipinos has always been ready for education TOXIC LENS, ever since the time of the skeleton of the woman found in Tabon Cave!

religion, or anything else doesn't make anyone unready for learning.


I love the series. My favourite is the close-up on the blackboard.

Do you think that women may, on average, be smarter than men? Women also seem to be more persistant, and work harder to achieve their goals. Whatever the reasoning, a very sad situation.


On one of the comments below, to say that Filipinos are not ready for education is a shortsighted, ignorant and bigoted comment. Filipinos have been ready for education and before the destruction of the economic and sociocultural structure through martial law under the Marcos regime, the Philippines had the highest literacy rate in Asia. What is emphasized in this post is the disparity of the educational attainment between the male and female population. Sidney has clearly pointed this out. That Filipino men are under more pressure to earn money to help their families. It may be true of the females in some cases as they resort to menial jobs including being domestic helpers and sometimes hospitality girls. These reasons are not for lack of ability or mental agility but a sad reflection of a society unable to cope with its socio-economic struggles. The commenter below ought to realize that some of the best and highly skilled professional staffing major corporations and facilities in the US, Europe and middle east are Filipino professionals but also of equal if not higher number, low skilled workers and laboreres which the government exports to increase it's dollar earning potential. The overpopulation of the country brought about by a strong influence of the Catholic church that shuns birth control also contributes to these problems. There are also more women than men and therefore more educated women. The Philippines while a superfially macho society is really a maternal society, its women have alsways been pillars of the family, they are strong and obviously more intelligent than men. This may be inscientific but while the boys where showing off being macho, the girls stayed at home, did their homework and studied.


more girls than boys in the class room shot:-P look like boys don't like school or perents have no time to take care them?....i think family pay a major part of this problem. great photo and story:-))

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great info with great pics dude!

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